Clickable video content

Controlled context

Conversion done right

Turning visitors into customers

123on converts visitors into customers. Video with clickable ads and a brand new interactive experience is what makes the difference. Forget about disruptive content from competitors, trolls and tinfoil hats on platforms you have little control over.


Own your video channel to turn impatient viewers into customers.


It’s time to own your customer journey. Reclaim your brand and reset the rules on conversion. Your website is your hunting ground. Let clickable videos be your weapon of choice.


Owning your video channel is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

So you’ve made a video...

Who will watch it?

You probably want to put it somewhere people can find it. On the major video platforms and probably on your site. Maybe your content is good enough to attract an audience? Wouldn’t it be neat if you could run your own ads and make money from it? Wouldn’t you at least want to make sure that your visitors stay with you and that your products and services are only one click away? Let 123on help you!

Where’s your money?

The tech giants have been in control of your content, your customers’ data and your brand for far too long. They’re using your brand, your content to get advertising revenue. Where’s your money? Where’s your brand safety? 123on has the answers.

Own your video channel

123on is not an ordinary video player, nor is it a traditional ad platform. It’s your own marketing, sales and entertainment video channel. Viewers of your channel can find products in videos, specific down to size, model or color, by simply clicking an item in a video. It also helps you monetize your own content. Always on brand, never leaving your site. Let us show you how!


Is it like Youtube or Vimeo?

No, it’s a way to play video on your own site using your own ads. Ads can be placed inside videos and can link to specific products, a webshop or really anywhere. You can make them appear, disappear during playback and the player is totally free from ads and other distractions from third parties. It’s your own video channel. Oh, and it works on mobiles too! 

How do i get 123on onto our website?

Videos are placed on your website by simply pasting a very standardised “web-tag”. Don’t worry if that is something you know nothing about, it’s real easy and it doesn’t affect or complicate anything else on your website. Our people will help your people! To create videos with ads on top of them, you simply logon to your own video channel at 123on. That is where you upload videos and add clickable ads. Ads can look like you want them to and it’s easy to create them in a way that makes them look on-brand.

Ok, so what’s the cost?

Starting cost is low and since we firmly believe that we can provide increased conversion rates – we’ll only charge you a small fee per thousand clicks on links in videos. It’s much much easier for visitors to find an exact sweater or screwdriver by clicking on it when it is shown in a video than by browsing a category page or huge catalogue. Increased interaction and simplified navigation means higher rate of conversion. Now go buy that sweater!

Does it replace Youtube or Vimeo?

No, you still have to drive traffic to your site. The thing is, when visitors reach your site by search or other link and you have their attention – why not engage them and turn them into customers? Visitors are never distracted from your content and brand message as the player only shows ads you have defined. Not competing, nor irrelevant messages from other businesses. It’s really your own video channel with ads.