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We create, develop and execute marketing strategies with talents on a global scale. Based on your goals we set you up with the best talents and optimise the strategy. We work for long term relations and authentic marketing. We are in the beginning of something huge, a new era of social media.
Through the years we’ve heard the frustration from both sides. We have built 123on to help you see and match each other. We want to make the relations between creators and advertisers easier and by using our platform as the obvious source for talents and interesting content. Authentic connections gives a more effective marketing. Through this matchmaking we have seen great response and good opportunities opening up for a lot of both our talents and advertisers. We work independently to match the right talents with you as a brand. The group of talents we work with consists of a giant mix of personalities. Both up and coming talents with new names to build or already established brands. We will guide you in the jungle of talents that is willing to join forces with you to build what you both want!
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